Toyota Recall List

Toyota has announced it will be recalling approximately 1.3 million of the following cars:




Model:                      Year:

Corolla                     2009-2010

Matrix                      2009-2010

Highlander 2008-2010


Tacoma                   2009-2010


RAV4                                    2006-2008


Yaris                         2006-2010


If you own any of these vehicles, in the event of a crash, your driver’s airbag may not deploy.   Toyota is allegedly unaware of any injuries or fatalities caused by this condition, and we would like to keep it that way.


While Toyota is currently preparing the remedy for this condition, we urge you to contact us, at no charge, to determine your rights; and whether you are eligible for potential class action compensation.


Please contact the investigating attorney: Michael Rott, at: 619.296.5884, or at

Death of 2 California men blamed on industrial accident

Logging is an important industry that much of the economy relies on. Without loggers, there would be trouble in the paper, furniture and construction industries. Unfortunately, it has the tendency to be a dangerous profession as well. In the case of an industrial accident, most states require employers to provide workers’ compensation coverage to help with financial losses associated with a death or injury. The families of two loggers will likely qualify for these benefits after two California men lost their lives in unrelated logging accidents.

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Man killed industrial accident at California stadium

Football is one of America’s favorite past times. Many people are excited for the end of summer simply because it means the start of football season. However, one California team’s attempt to improve their fans’ experience by building a new football stadium has led to a tragic industrial accident, the second one in a year at the construction site. The circumstances surrounding the second, most recent, accident are still being investigated.

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Fatal industrial accident claims life of California man

Individuals who are simply performing the routine tasks of their everyday jobs rarely expect to suffer a severe injury. Often, these people are doing exactly what they are expected to do and unfortunate tragedy strikes. When an industrial accident happens in this manner, most employees or their dependents are covered by state-required workers’ compensation benefits. One family in California will likely need these benefits after the death of their loved one.

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Industrial accident in California results in fine

Some people are adamant about completing a home improvement job by themselves and saving the money that would be spent on a professional. However, there are some jobs that are dangerous enough that even adamant do-it-your-selfers should seek professional help to complete. Many of these tasks involve working with electricity, due to the risks associated with it. Unfortunately, an industrial accident in California has further demonstrated the dangers of working with electricity.

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Workplace injuries leads to fines for California company

There will always be some level of risk in every task that is undertaken. However, many employers can take simple precautions to greatly reduce the risk of workplace injuries for their employees. A recent investigation conducted by California’s division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration claims that a one company could have prevented, or at least reduced, the harm one of its employees suffered in a recent accident. Continue reading

California safety administration investigates industrial accident

Many occupations have the potential to be hazardous. Fortunately, thanks to regulations put in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the workplace has become a much safer place. However, despite the administration’s and employer’s best efforts, accidents can still arise. As a result, many states, such as California, require employers to provide workers’ compensation coverage in the event of an industrial accident. The family of a deceased worker is likely to qualify for these benefits after he lost his life in a tragic accident.

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Consumer Product Alert – Vitamix Container Blade Recall

The Consumer Product lawyers at Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP are investigating a recent Vitamix Container Blade Recall involving 3 of its blender models:

* The Vitamix 7500

* The Professional Series™ 750®

* The Professional Series™ 300®

If you own one of the above products, your container may be included in this recall.  The container affected is a “64-ounce Low-Profile” container with blade part number: 103208 A, and with a date of manufacture that is before August of 2013.

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California construction worker killed in industrial accident

It is rare that people are truly prepared for an unexpected death, often leaving family members wondering how they will cope financially and emotionally. In the case of a fatality due to an industrial accident, most states require employers to provide their employees with workers’ compensation coverage. Such coverage potentially allows a worker, or his or her family in the case of a fatality, to be compensated for expenses resulting from such an accident. One family in California will likely qualify for such coverage after a fatal accident at a middle school construction site.

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Immigration Bill & Undocumented Immigrants to Practice Law

The immigration lawyers at Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP are keeping a close eye on whether eligible undocumented immigrants will be granted bar cards to practice law in California.

Law school graduates, like Sergio Garcia are unable to practice law in California, until the state adopts such a law.  Mr. Garcia’s case is now before the California Supreme Court.  However, the court recently indicated that “…it is up to legislators, not the Supreme Court, to decide whether immigrants here without their legal papers are entitled to a law license.

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