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Workplace accident severely injures worker

There is some level of danger in everything people do in their everyday lives. Someone could easily fall while walking down the steps or be involved in a car accident. However, workplace safety has long been a subject that has gotten much attention. In the case of a workplace accident, workers in California are likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. After a gruesome workplace accident, one man will likely need to look into the full benefits of this coverage to cover his expenses.

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Consumer Products that can injure. Almond Butter with Metal?

Beware of consumer products that can injure.  Would you eat almond butter that contained metal? No one that I know would. According to the FDA, ingesting metal fragments can cause dental damage, laceration of the mouth or throat, or laceration or perforation of the intestine.

According to ABC News, last year Kellogg’s recalled 282,000 cases of Frosted Mini-Wheats due to the possible presence of fragments of flexible metal mesh from a faulty manufacturing part.

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Industrial accident results in California man’s death

When most people leave for work in the morning, they likely do not think that it will be the last time they report to work. Over the last century, regulations have been put in place to protect employees from dangerous work conditions, and detailed investigations conducted in the event of an accident help employers understand the causes and develop plans to prevent future incidents. Additionally, employers are held accountable for failure to safeguard the safety of employees by issuing fines when violations are discovered. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, accidents still happen causing most states to require employers to provide workers’ compensation coverage in the event of an industrial accident. The family of a deceased man in California will likely qualify for such benefits after the man’s death at work.

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Work accident causes serious injury in California

One might expect an injury at a scene of a demolition as opposed to a day at the standard office, for example. However, standards and regulations in place even at the site of a demolition should keep all parties involved safe and free from awork accident. Unfortunately, this was not the case at a recent demolition in California. Authorities are investigating after several people were wounded.

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Simple Steps to Follow When Injured on the Job

Welcome to San Diego & Imperial Counties’ Work Comp Talk.

This is our maiden post.

The California Workers’ Compensation system is employer friendly.  With the radical changes put in place by former Governor Schwarzenegger, that will hopefully be remedied by Governor Brown, before you are hurt on the job, you really should plan ahead.

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